THE PHOTO WEDDING by 幸三郎ウェディング


What you want,
the way you want it!”
Create a wedding that is
“just for you”
-Photo Wedding-

A wedding is not just about the ceremony.
We propose a new form of marriage where you can have photos taken at your favorite location, just the two of you, without high costs and stressful preparations.
You’ve given up on your wedding, you won’t have a reception but you want to something to remember this special milestone.

Fukui Location
photo shoot

Photos taken outside the studio can include attractions such as local parks, beaches, and other popular destinations.
Photos to be taken at places holding fond memories for you both.
Create a special photo wedding that suits you.

Wedding Venue


Photo weddings taken at wedding halls are becoming popular because they create an atmosphere that appears as a real ceremony.
Choose your favorite spot within the ceremony hall and create memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Our exclusive coordinator values the couple’s worldview and also suggests custom-made photo shoots.
We will take unforgettable photos in a beautiful setting unique to our wedding venue.

Photo wedding image at a wedding


Photo Wedding

There are many popular spots in Fukui, including the majestic Echizen Daibutsu and the Katsuyama Dinosaur Park and Museum.
Weddings photographed in the scenic outdoors, historic buildings, or in other locations can prove magical, and can be photographed as if recreating a scene from a movie.
In addition to popular spots, it is also possible to take photos at locations that are memorable for the two of you, so please contact us.

Location photo wedding image

Studio Photo


The great thing about studio photo weddings is that you can not only keep costs down, but also be able to take photos in a comfortable environment at any time, regardless of the weather.
Photo shoots can be taken at a time that is convenient for both of you.
There are many variations and accessories, so you can freely create your ideal wedding photos.
There is also a chapel separate from the studio floor, so you can leave a souvenir photo just like a church wedding.

studio photo wedding image

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